5 ways to sweat-proof your makeup in rising temperatures

The days of the heatwave might be behind us but we’re in for a bump in temperatures in the near future. And unfortunately, most of us can’t take a day off, kick back and head to the beach. We’ve got to battle public transport, offices and socialising while keeping our makeup looking A+. So I’ve rummaged through my makeup bag and come up with a few of my favourite products for a day-long summer face.

Glossier Haloscope

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Can’t look like you’re sweating profusely if you already look like you have a little sheen, right?! I love Haloscope, a glossy highlight stick that I apply with my fingers and gives a lasting wet-look finish. It looks so good with a face of cream products, melting into the skin.

Bourjois Volume Reveal waterproof mascara

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We usually think of waterproof mascara for swimming, but sometimes even the Central Line is too much for makeup which results in panda eyes before you even hit the office. I think Bourjois makes the best volumising mascaras on the high street, and the waterproof version of this one is no exception.

Rimmel Jelly blush

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This new Rimmel launch is water-based, buildable and comes in a range of pretty shades. It has great lasting power, and if you do sweat, it doesn’t go cakey or streaky the way that a powder blusher might let you down.

Marc Jacobs Highliner

904453 In Pp

Do you really need to spend this much money on an eyeliner? Probably not. But it’s a really great product. The colours are vivid, the formula is creamy and soft to apply, and the staying power is unparalleled. Even your sweatiest day would be no match for the Highliner.

Urban Decay All Nighter spray

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If sweating is a real problem for you, unfortunately even the most robust spray won’t fix it, but the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray will probably make a huge difference. I find it increases the life of my face of makeup, and the way they’ve expanded the range means there’s a spray for every situation.

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