Callout for your Input! Shopping the UK High Street

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In late 2017, two members of our social team, Bethany and Linh, hit London’s biggest shopping street together. Bethany’s plus size, Linh isn’t, and they tried to buy clothes in the same places. But we want to hear from you. Watch the video below and read on…

Since we made this video, the number of shops stocking plus sizes on Oxford Street has actually decreased, so we want to know what your recent experiences of shopping the UK high street have felt like. Positive? Negative? Do you even try anymore? Contact us via our Twitter or drop us an email at to tell us what shopping in bricks-and-mortar stores feels like for you. is funded by navabi ( We do this to push for fairer representation of plus size women in the media. If you share this goal, please do share any article you agree with. (And, of course, do feel free to browse 10,000+ dresses, tops, suits, etc at if you'd like to support us further.)