Fat-positive podcasts to download for today’s commute

As a new fat-positive podcast launches this week, I’ve rounded up six podcasts that focus on fat bodies, plus size clothes and body politics for your listening pleasure…

Eighty Eight

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Let’s kick off with a new one: Eighty Eight only has one episode so far, which means you can get in on the ground floor. It’s hosted by Ella and Sara, who are two of the most stylish plus size women we know. The first episode already feels comfortable, relaxed and positive, and I can’t wait to hear more. Oh, and it opens with an educational moment about a) podcasts and b) periods!

She’s All Fat

Unnamed 6

She’s All Fat has just built and built and built since it launched in 2017. Sophie and April have created a really slick, varied podcast that covers fat issues as well as more general body issues, the fashion industry and lots of cool and interesting guests.

Made of Human

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While not a podcast about fatness, you know you will always be in a safe, fat-positive pair of hands with Sofie Hagen, author of Happy Fat and hilarious fat stand-up comedian. And once in a while she does specifically fat chat with cool babes like Steph, Callie and, uh, me!

The Fat Lip


The Fat Lip is worth listening to for lots of reasons but for me, one of the most compelling is that Ash is a self-defined infinifat. An infinifat is someone whose clothing size sits outside of most plus size fashion. This means that her perspective on fatness and all its associated issues is likely to have extra layers that you won’t hear from most other plus size commentators.

Two Whole Cakes – Fatcast

Fatcast Sidebar

Ok, so this podcast wound up in 2013 which means it started and finished before most people knew what a podcast was, but I really wanted to include it in this list because Lesley and Marianne are two of the most influential, radical thinkers on fat issues that I’ve ever come across. They’re uncompromising but compassionate and the fat community of today owes a lot to both of them.

In the Wardrobe


Ok so this is a slight cheat but I just wanted to drop a little plug for the podcast I do for work. It’s somewhat sporadic, but really good fun when I do get round to recording episodes for it. Some episodes are light, some are quite heavy, but all my guests have something interesting to say about plus size style.

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