Five of the best red lipsticks

I spend a lot of my time thinking and talking about cosmetics, and one thing I get asked over and over again is for a definitive list of my favourite red lipsticks. Finally, I’ve got round to making that list! Drop me a tweet at @bethanyrutter with your personal fave, or let me know if any of these are your number one. I am silly and spend lots of money on makeup (as you can tell by this list), so I especially want to know if your favourite red is on the more affordable end!

Stila – Beso


Formula: Liquid

Why I love it: It’s cartoonishly bright. Almost too bright. The formula is a little drying, as liquid mattes can often be, but I find that the colour is such a good tradeoff that I can deal with a little dryness. And if you don’t want to just take my word for it, it’s a preferred red of none other than maybe-future-president of the US Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!

L’Oreal – Blake’s Red

Screenshot 2019 07 09 At 11.27.22

Formula: Solid

Why I love it: Basically because it’s as good as many, many high-end red lipsticks but it’s affordable and easy to find on any high street! Blake’s Red is my shade of choice but one of the other shades – Julianne’s, Eva’s or Liya’s Red – might be more to your skin tone. Either way, the formula is perfect.

Lisa Eldridge – Velvet Ribbon


Formula: Solid

Why I love it: I went back and forth on including this because these limited edition lipsticks were notoriously hard to get hold of when they launched, but it seems as if she might be making them permanent. But really, I had to include it because it is genuinely unreal: the bullet literally looks like velvet, they go on so smoothly, the colour is absolutely luminous. No wonder she’s one of the most well-respected makeup artists in the world!

By Terry – My Red

D 78USVXkAAlypl

Formula: Liquid

Why I love it: This is a relatively new entry in my Most Beloved Reds but every time I wear it I can’t get over how light it feels on my lips. Liquid lipsticks have come along way since the cakey, drying finishes of yesteryear, but to find a liquid lipstick that feels like there’s nothing on your lips is almost unheard of. It also carries the By Terry signature rose scent, which I’m an absolute sucker for. If you already have Stila Beso, I would skip this as they’re quite similar, but would consider replacing Beso with this when it runs out, just for the amazing finish.

Urban Decay – 714

C7 Yfo7WkAABjw4

Formula: Liquid OR solid

Why I love it: Basically because it is a perfect red and it comes in a choice of liquid or matte finishes – I’m wearing the matte version in the above photo. It’s a really underrated red, I hardly ever see people talk about it (which is why I switched out my original pick of Sephora’s Always Red, which has more than enough airtime!) and I find it super easy to wear. It’s quite similar to Blake’s Red, but that only comes as a solid, so if you prefer a liquid finish, go for 714. And if you love trivia, the lipstick originated in a Gwen Stefani range for Urban Decay and it’s named after the area code for Orange County where she’s from! is funded by navabi ( We do this to push for fairer representation of plus size women in the media. If you share this goal, please do share any article you agree with. (And, of course, do feel free to browse 10,000+ dresses, tops, suits, etc at if you'd like to support us further.)