Heatwave outfit prep for next week

We’ve trawled Insta for six of our favourite plus size outfits to get us through the hot weather…

Sara’s pretty florals


Lauren’s extreme poolside glam


Emma’s mini two-piece


Michelle’s dancing lady emoji maxi

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When life is good, I often forget about my self care. I get this delusional idea that since I’ve been doing this self love thing for so long, it should be natural to me and that all my routines and rituals are unnecessary and they quickly go out the window. Until I hit a slump again, and suddenly I’m like, shit I haven’t meditated in a month, I haven’t been drinking water, going to the gym or doing any of the things I enjoy or make me happy. Maybe, potentially, going back to those things might help? Then I spend weeks getting back on track, and promise myself that I won’t let these habits slip just because life is going good and I don’t “need” them anymore… and the cycle repeats. Every cycle gets shorter though. I used to go into these moods for months, now I’m at 2 week limit. I think it’s slightly human nature to take the good periods for granted and not realise the positivity didn’t happen effortlessly. It takes work to override all our unhealthy patterns and especially my habit to want to bitch, moan and complain. I did it for more than 20 years so even if I’ve been at this for 5 years, it’s OK that it’s not instant. But the more I do this, the faster I get tired of my own bullshit and that’s what this week has been – a great week of “quit complaining and do something about it then!” Do you get tired of your own bullshit too or is it just me? 😂 • Dress: @studio8london (gifted) Bag: @dorothyperkins (gifted) Sunglasses: @victoriabeckham

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Steph’s shirt dress and bum bag vibes


Kellie’s short shorts

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