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What’s in my Makeup Bag

Screenshot 2019 04 30 At 16.54.46
Blogger Steph talks us through her beauty essentials

Sewing’s Size Problem

IMG 7104
When a fun new hobby turns frustrating

Why did this plus size jacket sell out so fast?

Danielle Vanier
Not that we're surprised or anything

Why we’re all Obsessed with Shrill

Screenshot 2019 04 23 At 15.43.00
The fat-positive media we need right now

Sara Brown’s Guide to Brights

Screenshot 2019 04 26 At 16.16.49
Inject some colour into your closet

Callout for your Input! Shopping the UK High Street

Screenshot 2019 04 26 At 16.27.26
We want to hear your experiences with trying to shop IRL

Why I Regret my Weight Loss Surgery

Becky Barnes
Blogger Becky Barnes gives us her honest, raw account

Fat-positive books for your To Be Read pile

IMG 7158 (1)
Head down to your local bookshop and reap the rewards

Plus size Pregnancy Pressures

Pregnancy - PlusSize.co.uk
How pregnancy intersects with fatphobia

Why does the High Street suck?

High Street - PlusSize.co.uk
Becky Barnes breaks it down

Latest Posts

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NYFW’s Wall of Shame

It's hard to be fat at fashion week
Logo 2

navabi’s Campaign For Real Pockets

Screenshot 2019 08 27 At 12.59.35

It’s Lizzo’s world

We're just living in it
Underwear 4 Of 15 1000x500

One plus size influencer took the latest CK campaign a step...

Influencers are doing it for themselves
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