navabi’s Campaign For Real Pockets

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navabi’s Social Editor, Bethany Rutter asked women on Twitter what factors do you keep in mind when buying dresses. The most popular answer by far was pockets.

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So we’ve decided to do something about it. Today we’re launching a Campaign For Real Pockets. Not shallow ones you can barely fit half your debit card in or worse, pockets purely for decoration, but roomy, spacious pockets that you can stash your essentials. Alongside the campaign, we are also launching a shopping section at, dedicated to items with pockets. Find it here.

Men have pockets galore. Standard pockets, inside pockets, hidden pockets, they even have cargo shorts which are basically a collection of pockets pretending to be shorts… and we’ve had enough. Women deserve real pockets too.

We hope this tongue in cheek campaign highlights the divide between the functionality of menswear and womenswear which is unreflective of men and women’s lives in 2019.

Check out the collection of 60+ dresses and more with *actual* pockets here: Or to join the fight for real pockets, head to our Twitter and retweet the video to express your anger at the continuing gender segregation of… pockets. #pockinghell is funded by navabi ( We do this to push for fairer representation of plus size women in the media. If you share this goal, please do share any article you agree with. (And, of course, do feel free to browse 10,000+ dresses, tops, suits, etc at if you'd like to support us further.)