One plus size influencer took the latest CK campaign a step further

At navabi, we’re big fans of the way that Steph aka NerdAboutTown is doing some of the most creative work in the field. She spots gaps where her voice and her image can make a difference and represents herself when she feels underrepresented. That’s why we loved her take on the classic Calvin Klein campaigns…

We asked Steph why she wanted to create her own imagery around the classic Calvin Klein underwear. ‘I feel like the Calvin Klein underwear ads have historically had a part in defining what counted as aesthetically beautiful, not only within the media and entertainment, but within society too,’ she said. ‘The Calvin Klein ad ‘look’ is synonymous with slim, super attractive models and so I wanted to do this shoot to redefine what the standards of beauty in society are. I wanted to show the underwear being worn by someone with stretch marks and rolls. Anybody can be a Calvin Klein model really, and the underwear/loungewear can be accessible for everyone. The reaction had been overwhelmingly supportive and positive, with people even going so far as tagging the brand, who have since engaged with the post.’

Steph’s version came days after CK’s latest campaign, which featured one example of genuine plus size representation in the form of Beth Ditto, who looked as gorgeous as usual. But we loved the way that Steph’s interpretation focused on the classic, dressed-down sets that are characteristic of the brand but, in real Calvin Klein campaigns, are the preserve of thin models like Bella Hadid.

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