These primary school kids designed an outfit for plus size women – we decided to make it

Last summer, I was tagged in a tweet from a primary school who were learning about clothes and design, and were using my book, Plus+ as a reference for inspiration. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a book of plus size style from around the world featuring more than 100 cool plus size babes. To hear that a class of 6- and 7-year-olds was using it as inspiration was just about the coolest and cutest thing I had ever heard, not least because I loved the thought of little kids seeing page after page of fat women living their best life. So, I hopped onto the work Twitter account in my capacity as social editor of navabi, and tweeted about what Woodgate Primary were up to, encouraging other educators to do the same.

But that wasn’t the end of it. We upped the ante spectacularly by deciding to turn one of the pupil’s designs into a real garment. And then we backtracked on that because their designs were too good and instead said we would make three of their designs into real pieces.

The class voted on the two of the three designs that they wanted to see made, but left the last design up to a vote on Twitter.

And what kind of plus size clothes do year 2 kids design? Not oversized black sacks, that’s for sure! They want us to be wearing a lot of bright pink, cool stripes, graphic prints, one-shouldered dresses and loads of embellishment. Obviously, this drew a lot of support from plus size influencers…

The kids of class 2P were pretty excited when the clothes arrived…

Untitled Design (17)

And the teachers didn’t pass up an opportunity to model the real-life designs!

Untitled Design (18)
Untitled Design (21)
Untitled Design (20)

But the story didn’t end there, because today the school tagged navabi in a tweet that warmed our hearts…

Obviously this meant so much to us, but we were so happy to see the impact it had on the school and students. Ms Peake, the teacher of the class who first sparked off the project, said: “The excitement the project generated was infectious. It was wonderful for children to see the positive side of social media when navabi and the rest of the plus size community were tweeting along. The children were so excited to see their designs come to life. The whole process fit in perfectly with our work on inclusion and respect.”

If there are any other schools who would like a copy of Plus+ to do design work of their own, please get in touch with us via the contact section of the website, or tweet me personally on @bethanyrutter, as we have copies we can send out. is funded by navabi ( We do this to push for fairer representation of plus size women in the media. If you share this goal, please do share any article you agree with. (And, of course, do feel free to browse 10,000+ dresses, tops, suits, etc at if you'd like to support us further.)